Leisure Travel

With our extensive first-hand knowledge and unwaveringly high standards, we create exquisite trips with luxe touches and the personalization you expect. You’ll feel taken care of by us from the moment you take off to the moment you return home.

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Travel & Support

Whether traveling to iconic places or “off the beaten path” destinations we curate extraordinary itineraries to indulge your every whim. All with an eye to simplify your journey and eliminate unexpected surprises.

Personal Travel Consultant

You’ll be paired with a travel advisor at the start of your membership. We will have a call to understand what makes you love travel: we want to know everything from how firm you like your mattress to what your best travel experience has been.

Your Own Ideal of Luxury

We strive to learn how you define luxury. Whether it’s private jets and Michelin-Star dinners or brilliantly executed off the beaten path experiences. Luxury needs not be wasteful and should be personalized to who you are.

Professional Logistical Services

We put your bucket-list at the top of our list

Exclusive Resort Privileges

Global hotel/resort expertise combined with generous privileges and upgrades.

Flight Booking

Exclusive discounted premium airfare and support for frequent flyer miles.

Spur of the Moment Assistance

Around the clock assistance for changes via text, email, or phone.

Insider Private Charter

First-hand knowledge and price transparency for private jet charter services.

Contingency Preparedness

Real-time monitoring for travel delays and contingency planning.

24/7 Travel Assistance

Dedicated FlySmoother concierge support and on the ground travel assistance. Pick-ups, drop-offs, chauffeur, delivery et al. Anything you need, we're here to help.

Our Process

Getting to know each other

At the start of your membership, you’ll be paired with a FlySmoother travel advisor and concierge who will listen carefully to how you like to travel. We want to know everything about you and your travel companions. From how firm you like your mattress to the liquors you like stocked in your bar to your best previous travel experiences.

Itinerary Development

As we work with you one-on-one, we become your confidant, research department, and travel guide to a wonderful world of experiences. Before planning your trip, we have a conversation about where you’d like to go (or what you’d like to do, if you don’t know where). Before long, our team will have done its research and developed an inspiring itinerary filled with insider knowledge of the best destinations, the most experienced tour guides, the finest transportation, and the “off the beaten path” discoveries.

Confirmation & Fine Details

Once we have your go-ahead, we will confirm your full itinerary and choreograph every detail. We’re not just here to help you book flights, hotels, and guides; we’re there to support you with everything from confirming your airport transfers and ensuring you have the best table at the hottest new restaurant to booking your massage after a day of exploring.

Precise Perfection

Each itinerary goes through a reconfirmation process to guarantee everything is perfect. Before you depart, we will send a reminder of everything you need to know: Visa requirements, tipping policies for your destination countries, and any other details we don’t want you to forget.

Travel & Support

Up until the moment you arrive at your destination, we’re constantly monitoring your flights and movement, as well as preparing for the unexpected. During your trip, we are always there to support you in whatever way you may need. When you’ve returned home, we’ll be eager to hear your feedback and learn about the lifetime memories you’ve made.

Leisure Travel Pricing

Our transparent approach ensures you’ll never be left with unanswered questions about payments and expectations. In conjunction with our hand-picked partners on the ground, we make sure that you have a contact in your time zone 24/7. Need to get in touch with us? No problem. With one-on-one communication, 24/7 availability, and lightning-fast response times, our aim is to build a genuine relationship with you, so every moment is precisely tailored to your needs.

Annual Membership

We charge an annual $10,000 yearly fee for access to our expertise and core travel planning services.

Inquire to Get Started

Our goal was to create a membership that would allow our clients to access our resources and then choose what services they want on a per trip basis.

  • Destination Research
  • Hotel Booking + Research
  • Full Concierge Services
  • Emergency services
  • Transfer Booking
  • Pre-Covid Requirement Updates

Your first trip will serve as your membership trial. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and you to experience how we are unlike any other concierge travel firm.

Flight Ticketing
$75 Domestic/$100 International per ticket
In-depth daily trip planning such as restaurant reservations and full day activity planning
Visa & Covid Form Completion
$100 per form/visa

FlySmoother guarantees the same or better amenities as Amex. Additionally at time of booking, FlySmoother sends an email to the hotel letting them know of your booking as well as any preferences and special occasions. At this time, we put in initial requests for upgrades, early check in, or late check out. One week before you arrive, we send a reminder to the hotel to ensure these requests are prioritized and do not fall through the cracks.

We are currently only onboarding new members who plan to spend $250,000/year or more on FlySmoother travel services.

While travel may be less seamless in a post covid world with all of the forms and restrictions to consider, we strive to relieve all of these inconveniences. Our team is here to help with any issue that may arise from booking covid tests, keeping up with the latest restrictions, filling out forms, and even assisting with evacuation in the case of emergency.

FlySmoother offers limited hotel booking services to non-members, as well as the ability to book international business class flights.

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Impeccable planning. Brilliant execution.
Extraordinary itineraries.