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Our business travel plan

1. Getting to know each other

You’ll be paired with a dedicated travel advisor who will listen carefully about how you travel, preferred airlines, common routes, and current pain points. We will then propose a plan for streamlining your travel booking and request a document to collect all required information.

Around-the-Clock Support

Our business clients have highly-demanding schedules, and our job is to ensure easier, smoother, happier travels. This is why we offer 24/7 support and direct access to a designated travel expert. You can always be assured of lightning-fast help, just a call, email, or text away.

Exclusive Rates for Exclusive Clients

With global connections and deep expertise across the entire travel sector, we provide a smoother experience and best pricing in the industry. You’ll get the speed, attentiveness, and transparency needed to make smart business decisions. From connecting you with the finest jet charter services to offering exclusive rates 20-55% off domestic and international premium cabins to expert support using frequent flyer miles, we’ve got you covered.

2. Booking

No trip is too complicated for us –– no matter how short or how many continents need to be traversed. Our experts will research and develop an optimal itinerary based on your timing for you and ensuring you have lie-flat seats and are staying at the best properties.

  • In-Depth Airline Expertise
  • Perceptive Service
  • One-on-one communication

3. Pre-travel Checks

Each itinerary goes through a diligent reconfirmation process to guarantee smooth flying. Before you depart, we double check every flight, car transfer, and hotel reservation to make sure everything is perfect. We will send a reminder of everything you need to know: Covid policies and forms, tipping policies for your destination countries, and any other details we don’t want you to forget.

  • Covid-19 & Visa Restriction Research
  • Every Detail Gets Reconfirmed
  • "I's" Dotted, "T's" Crossed

4. Travel & Support

We are proudest of our emergency services; we’re constantly monitoring your flights and movement, as well as preparing for the unexpected. Once you’ve arrived, we will support you throughout your trip. To us, this means whenever you need anything, whether a last minute flight change or lost passport, we’re just a text or email away.

  • Dedicated 24/7 Support
  • Contingency Awareness
  • Easy Flight Changes

Business Travel Pricing

Business Travel FAQ

We offer a level of emergency support & personalized service and that is unmatched anywhere else.

Inquire to Get Started

When booking with FlySmoother, you know that you are going to be talking to a travel expert no matter the hour. Just like not all business classes are created equal, neither are all corporate travel services. Our advisors are focused on knowing every detail to ensure you have a smooth travel experience. We will make sure you’re sleeping in the best lie flat seat, warn you of potential visa and covid protocols, and schedule your covid tests to get home. We want to know what level of firmness you like your pillows so that when you show up at a hotel after a long flight, you win the jetlag battle. Our level of support for the unexpected is unparalleled. When you want to change your flight, there’s no long hold time: it’s an email or text and a quick reply.

FlySmoother has contracted private fares with all the major airlines, offering discounts on international business and first class. These discounts are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

FlySmoother has contracted corporate rates with a number of 5-Star luxury hotels in major cities. We cannot provide details online but would be happy to discuss specifics via email. We also offer Virtuoso Rates and amenities at the world’s top hotels, including early check in/late check out.

Our clients are executives who frequently circle the globe in business & first class and stay in luxury hotels. They are looking for extraordinary services and expertise and are willing to pay the premium to acquire it. We are selective with our corporate accounts and need to make sure you and your company are a good fit before proceeding.

Flight Ticketing and / or Change Fee including boarding pass
$100 per individual

Ticketing fee may be additional for complex multi destination booking.

Visa & Covid Health Advising
$100 per destination
Visa & Covid Form Completion
$200 per individual
Train Booking Fee
Rental Car Booking Fee

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